Friday, July 30, 2010

Around the World in 33 Days now released!

Around the World in 33 Days is officially released here:

Be sure to watch the release trailer as well!

Thanks for the support many of you have shown towards me and my game. Also, I would like to thank all testers and players that have helped out with the polishing of this game. Finally, thanks to my musical artist, sir Xemic, for providing the beautiful music in the game!

- Brice Lwo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mostly completed

The Epilogue (cutscene-like segment) is also finished. This game is now at version 0.8.0 with everything but 3 pieces of music done.

I originally planned to have a Final Errand as a small unbeatable joke, but I decided against it. It didn't feel very appropriate (not age inappropriate though!) for the game and it's probably not that funny anyways.

The end of this game's work seems so close. Now it's all on my musical artist :P

Endgame designed and completed

Day 33, the endgame level has been completed.

[Spoiler alert...that is if you can call what I have a story XD]
After enjoying a witty pun, you get to jump down a fun rabbit hole where you travel for half a minute through little underground tunnels to finally reach the Core. The Core is the Tribe Skin's tower's power source which provides it immunity. The whole of the story is based on the rivalry of the two tribes, Tribe Fuz and Tribe Skin. When both of them create towers, Tribe Skin's being dominant due to its satanic power, the player needs to destroy the Core to defeat Tribe Skin.

Anyways, there are now 2 things left to finish. The Epilogue of the story (the story is broken into 3 sections, the Prologue, Part 2, and the Epilogue) and the Final Errand. Here's a picture of the player watching the Core explode:

On another good note, my musical artist, sir Xemic, has finished 3 of the 6 pieces of music being used in this game. For now, the other half are just placeholders.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Day 32": Shmup minigame

Day 32 is finished. As the last minigame in this game, I made it as flashy as possible. It's a basic SHMUP with 3 types of enemies:
- homing, shooting enemy that takes two shots to kill (spawns every 3 seconds)
- static, 360 degree shooting enemy that takes five shots to kill (spawns every 6 seconds after 45 seconds in the game has passed)
- bouncing enemy that takes one shot to kill (spawns every second after 75 seconds in the game has passed)

There's a health powerup that spawns quite often (every 3 seconds) that adds 2 to your health. You'll need it, though, in the last 45 seconds or so when everything's pure chaos.

As always, I love making the colors change :P

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Day 31": Aether Escape mission

I'm done with Day 31, the Aether Escape mission. I thought it'd be kind of fun this time around to just make this level filled with random gameplay gimmicks. I think it's a bit easier than other levels, but it was fun making and I think it'll be fun to play (to those who can bear with the game long enough to reach this level XD). This mission is based on a Skinny Dam, which is just a hydroelectric generating dam-like...dam.

Fun fun.
Copyright 2010 iluvfuz.